Beyond Service: A Partnership Example

Every now and then I run into a phenomenal company with respect to customer service – they grasp what Ken Blanchard teaches regarding engendering raving fans for their products or services.  Finding such a company is not an everyday occurrence, so when I come across these rare entities, I often pause to appreciate (and usually take time to commend) their commitment to customer service.

I recognize that many companies claim to have this focus, but – as we often find in our MindSet work – there exists a large gap between what they claim to focus on and how they actually operate.

A laser-like focus on customer service is seldom engendered by the grass-roots of a company.  It is a focus that must be championed by those at the top – a passion that pulsates inside the very bloodstream of the organization and seeps into every nook and cranny of the company.

Still a lover of coming home to find packages to be opened, I do most of my shopping via the web – and as such I many years ago became a raving fan of Amazon. Their CEO, Jeff Bezos, has long had a reputation for a fanatical focus on the customer’s experience.  In MindSet terms, the highest goal you can reach is to make customers feel they have not only a fair business relationship with your company, but a genuine partnership based on trust that we look out for mutual interests.  Well, I don’t know how much I can look out for Amazon beyond making them my shopping spot of choice, but I am convinced that Amazon does care about looking out for me.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the attached annual statement from Jeff – an example of a CEO who truly “gets it” and is determined to reduce the distance between his vision for, and the reality of, their customer experience to as small a gap as possible.

View the 2012 Amazon Shareholder Letter

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