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Updated due to COVID-19:
Propel will run Aug 2020 to Feb 2021

Seven 4-hour sessions scheduled per cohort.
Final schedule set in early July 2020.


Greater Omaha Chamber
808 Conagra Dr Ste 400 Omaha, NE 68102

Not convenient? We might be able to accommodate other options.


$2,950 per Attendee

$250 discount for Omaha Chamber Members.
Additional $200 for purchases of 3+ Seats.

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Combining the Best of Training and Coaching

Addressing a Need

Giving an Opportunity

MindSet and the Greater Omaha Chamber have a long history of partnering to deliver leadership training to top executives, highlighted by our partnership on the highly regarded MindSet Leadership Series.  Many Omaha business leaders have suggested that MindSet and the Chamber also develop a program for front-line leaders: Propel has been built to meet this need.

Using a small cohort group format, Propel will include key aspects of MindSet’s proprietary leadership training insights (responsible for building Omaha’s only 5-time #1 Best Place to Work award winner) as well as best practices from other highly regarded leadership resources.  The training curriculum is supplemented with group coaching and a confidential forum setting where participants can share and discuss current challenges and opportunities.  Propel participants will accelerate their growth as leaders, building their confidence and ability to contribute even more to the success of their companies.

Building Better Leaders

MindSet and the Greater Omaha Chamber conducted multiple focus groups with area employers to determine the leadership topics to be included in Propel.  We are excited to share that as a direct result of those focus group conversations, Propel is designed to deliver practical insights on these important topics we heard again and again:

  • Coaching skills
  • Creating high-performing teams
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Delegating and empowering others
  • Effective decision making
  • Active listening skills
  • Setting and enforcing standards
  • Holding performance conferences
  • Managing the Peer to Boss Transition
  • Dealing with underperforming employees
  • And more…
Propel Breakouts

To Lead Successful Cultures

Beyond accelerating the leadership development of front-line leaders and rising stars, companies will benefit from Propel with:

  • Grow a pipeline of leadership talent: Participating companies will develop depth in their leadership ranks, improving their ability to confront today’s business challenges and building the executives of tomorrow.
  • Reward and motivate your rising stars: Young professionals want an employer that will invest in their growth and success.  Such investments will pay big dividends in terms of key employee loyalty and retention.
  • New ideas for your business:  Propel is a catalyst for continuous learning.  Participants will bring a stream of innovative leadership concepts back to their organizations.
  • Enhance employee engagement:  As evidenced by MindSet leadership principles being the driving force behind Omaha’s only five-time #1 Best Place to Work, Propel participants will learn leadership techniques and insights that will make a powerful impact on employee engagement and organizational culture.
  • Improve performance via coaching:  With Propel sessions taking place over a series of months, we are able to discuss current challenges or opportunities facing Propel participants as they occur in real-time.  Having access to a MindSet Propel facilitator, as well as their Propel group peers, provides participants a safe sounding board to seek input and guidance to make better leadership decisions in their work settings.

What Participants Can Expect

Program Overview

Propel operates in a small group cohort format consisting of 8-12 members meeting for seven half-day sessions throughout the year.  Session time is divided among diving deep into development topics, discussing assigned materials, and providing an open forum to discuss current challenges and opportunities that cohort members may be facing in their professional roles.  Each session is structured with:

  • Pre-Work –Content (articles, podcasts, books, etc.) to review prior to sessions
  • Previous Session Review– Discussing the tangible results of participants’ efforts to apply materials presented in the preceding session
  • Content Presentation & Discussion – Presentation of practical tools and techniques to develop leadership skills on the session’s topic
  • MindSet-in-Motion Challenge –An “assignment” to help participants apply the insights and techniques discussed in the session
  • Peer-to-Peer Dialogue – An open forum for participants do discuss current leadership challenges and opportunities

After each session, we will provide the participant’s manager or sponsor a synopsis of the content covered to bridge the gap between the day-to-day work environment and our sessions.

April Leadership Series
“MindSet is more than leadership curriculum. Its invaluable insight, real-world tools, and shared vocabulary wrapped into an experience that moves the needle for the leaders at Flywheel. MindSet training elevates up-and-coming leaders and challenges even the most seasoned managers to think smarter and does it quicker than any other program I’ve seen.”
Dusty Davidson
Dusty Davidson

Session Topics

Propel Pre-Assessment

Prior to Session 1, participants will complete MindSet’s Backbone and Heart leadership assessment instrument to identify likely leadership strengths and possible growth opportunities for the program.

Session 1: Leadership Foundations & Building Stars

Setting the stage for the rest of the sessions, we will examine foundational understandings and insights used by successful leaders.  We will then cover how outstanding leaders can use their power and influence to develop otherwise ordinary employees into stars.

Session 2: Instilling Pride and Ownership

Great companies are populated by employees who feel a deep sense of pride and ownership for their company.  In this session, we will cover proven techniques that leaders can use to instill pride in their workforce, as well as discuss why pride is the most effective long-term motivator for employee productivity and organizational success.  This session will also include actionable ideas that leaders can use to better recognize employees who contribute to the company’s success, thereby helping leaders convey to employees that their company appreciates them and their work.

Session 3: Not Sucking at Communication

A lot has been written about the value of communication in organizations, yet no topic in leadership training seems to be more vague or mushy than “communication.”  This session will help attendees view the topic of communication more clearly, empowering each individual to identify opportunities to enhance their ability to communicate effectively.  We will discuss the power of active listening, help attendees learn some fundamental coaching skills, and share several tips to lead more effective meetings.  We will also discuss takeaways from Dale Carnegie’s classic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Session 4: Setting Goals & Making Decisions

Few things are more basic to business success than setting a long-term vision and then making effective daily decisions to arrive at that goal.  This session teaches potent decision-making techniques, looks at effective goal setting practices, and shares practical advice for managing a team toward those objectives.

Session 5: Conflict and Innovation

Leadership often brings with it the challenge of managing conflict.  For many leaders, this constitutes single greatest source of stomach acid and professional disaffection.  However, without conflict, it is impossible for an organization to innovate and continually chase excellence.  In this session we’ll give tips to spur positive intellectual conflict while controlling damaging interpersonal conflict within a workgroup.

Session 6: Dealing with Problem Employees

Almost every company has a noticeable bottom 5-10% – those employees who contribute little to its success while making life miserable everyone in their purview.  Participants will learn to identify, engage, control, provide effective feedback to, and to either improve or remove these problem employees.

Session 7: Building Effective Teams

Even the best teams will occasionally become dysfunctional, and they seldom right themselves without the intervention of competent and purposeful leadership.  In this last session, participants will learn to monitor and create 15 characteristics of effective teams.

Feedback from our Raving Fans

The Data:

Past attendees of our programs rave about the MindSet curriculum and deliver.

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Propel FAQ

Questions about Propel

What's your Cancellation Policy?

Should you need to cancel your participation in a MindSet program, please provide notification to MindSet by either emailing us at or calling (402) 980-3344.  MindSet will provide a 100% refund (minus any non-refunded processing fees) for any cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the initial date of a MindSet program.

Participants who cancel less than 30 days prior to the start date of a MindSet program will be eligible for a 50% refund.  Once the initial MindSet program session has begun, no cancellation refunds will be provided.  Registration for MindSet programs is not transferable without MindSet approval.

Participants are responsible for making themselves available for each training session.  No refunds will be offered for sessions a participant misses or is unable to attend.

How will I be matched with a group?

MindSet endeavors to Match each Propel participant with the cohort group that will fit them best.  While no matching process can ever be perfect, MindSet will make our best effort to place each participant in a group that will best fit their schedule and goals for the program.

When a registrant completes their application for the program, they will be asked to indicate their preferred days and times for sessions, their experience level and goals.  Based on this information, and a few other considerations, MindSet will match groups of 8-12 participants and announce the schedules for the entire program in early April. (* Due to Covid-19, Propel groups will now be matched in early July 2020 for an August 2020 start.)

When will I get my Propel schedule?

MindSet will review all enrolled participants and match them into groups of 8-12 participants each.

If a participants is registered by the end of March (* Due to Covid-19, this is now June), they will be notified of the exact time/date/location for all seven of their sessions by April 9th at the latest.

If a participant is registered in April (* Due to Covid-19, this is now July 10th), we will work on providing their schedule as soon as possible – either by forming a new group or adding them to the appropriate pre-existing group.

How long will Propel run and how many sessions will we have?

Participants should expect to have one session each month from May to November 2019 (* Due to Covid-19, Propel will now run monthly from August 2020 through February 2021).  For any questions about scheduling, contact MindSet at or (402) 980-3344.

What will I learn?

In Propel we will combine the best of coaching and training to prepare front-line supervisors and rising stars to become effective leaders. Particularly we will cover a number of topics under:

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Instilling Pride and Ownership
  • Not Sucking at Communication
  • Setting Goals and Making Decisions
  • Conflict and Innovation
  • Dealing with Problem Employees
  • Building Effective Teams

If you have questions on particular topics and what we cover, please contact us at or (402) 980-3344.

Is Propel just a Classroom experience?

No! Propel will include the best of training and coaching, and will require active participation by participants.  Additionally, we will have a discussion forum for participants to discuss hot topics that they want to cover.

What if I can't make a session?

If this becomes as issue, you will simply contact your Propel group facilitator.  Often, he/she will be able to offer a private makeup or recap session.  However, MindSet shall not be required to offer makeup sessions, and no refunds will be offered for sessions a participant misses or is unable to attend.

Ready to Become a Better Leader?

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