Executive Coaching

MindSet’s one-on-one executive coaching services are designed to propel the growth of executives. Coaching relationships with MindSet are typically narrowly focused and time limited. Our goal is to help our clients make progress in targeted areas as efficiently as possible.

Our Coaching Relationships

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  • An initial meeting to establish the scope of work and mutual commitments
  • An individualized assessment based on MindSet’s Backbone & Heart© 360 leadership framework
  • Bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions, in person or via telephone
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone support

Keys to Effective Coaching

In deciding whether MindSet coaching is the right resource for a perspective client, we typically ask the following questions:

  • Is the executive open to coaching?
  • Is the MindSet coach credible to the executive?
  • Can the two individuals establish an open and trusting rapport?

If all three of these criteria are met, coaching can be a potent process. If there is doubt about any of the above criteria, effectiveness may be reduced.  And if any of the above is lacking, MindSet coaching will not be the right fit.

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