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MindSet was created by Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, the founding CEO of Omaha's only 5-time #1 Best Place to Work. We've worked with companies locally, regionally, and as far as Rome, Italy to keynote the global leadership retreat for one of the larger companies in the world. For a sample of MindSet and why so many are intrigued with our view of leadership, watch this TED Talk.

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The MindSet Difference

  • Proven: created by the founding CEO of Omaha’s only 5-time #1 Best Place to Work.
  • Impactful: real-world insights and techniques that make a lasting difference.
  • Acclaimed: 97% of our customers rate MindSet’s training as outstanding.
  • Worth the Investment: your leaders will grow; your business will thrive.
Propel: a leadership accelerator

MindSet Process:

  1. Determine Fit: We work with leaders who know that with a better culture they have a better business.
  2. Envision: We help leaders clearly envision the culture they aspire to have.
  3. Assess: We use our proprietary MindSet Survey and/or conversations with employees to determine your company’s culture today.
  4. Close the GAP: We use a combination of leadership training, consultation, coaching, and assessments to help leaders move the needle – from the culture they have today, to the culture they want for the future.
  5. MindSet Guarantee: We stand behind our work. If we don’t deliver, cancel our contract at anytime.

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