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MindSet was created by Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, the founding CEO of Omaha’s only 5-time #1 Best Place to Work. We’ve worked with leaders and companies locally, regionally, and as far as Rome, Italy. Our leadership training, company culture insights, assessments, and keynote speeches receive rave reviews from all kinds of audiences – from startup founders to some of the biggest companies in the world.  We help leaders improve their culture.  That creates better businesses.

What Makes Us Different

At MindSet we don’t waste time with leadership fluff. Our programs and services make an immediate and lasting impact on leaders and their organizations. We deliver results that many other consultants can’t.

  • Functional skills: We teach real-world tested, roll-up-your-sleeves, applied-and-functional skillsets and understandings that will enable you to better impact culture.
  • Proven success: Our MindSet curriculum has been adopted from successful, real-world leadership endeavors. Teachings are based on observations and reflections of proven business leaders, and our MindSet philosophy has been used systematically over a twenty-year period across a myriad of industries to create and improve business cultures.
  • Lasting impact: We emphasize skill development to ensure lasting impact within organizations. Our “MindSet-in-Motion” tool also helps encourage and achieve lasting behavior change.
MindSet - Flywheel Training

Meet our Digital Brand

As you navigate our MindSet website, you’ll see our BetterCulture brand.

BetterCulture is a digital-first company with an ambitious mission of making the world a better place to work. Our proven BetterCulture process and software help leaders understand, envision, and then achieve a great workplace culture.

Stop Being Patient. Improve your Culture Today!