Leadership Training

MindSet Leadership Training is full of practical and powerful leadership insights. We teach – specifically – what it is great leaders know and how they think. This expansive content focuses on how to create and protect a high-performance culture that will enhance your ability to attract, build, motivate, and retain outstanding employees. We are offering the playbook that led to the creation of one of the healthiest work cultures in the nation.

Private Leadership Training

These are custom-built programs designed to meet the leadership development needs of an organization. Private clinics consider your current culture and goals to help generate maximum impact. By bringing in MindSet, you can develop and empower your team like never before.

Propel Breakouts

In-House Training

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This training lets you bring our leadership insights into your organization by certifying your personnel as a MindSet Program Coach, enabling them to lead MindSet training programs for other employees and leaders within your system. Our certification works to empower these respected team members in order to bring MindSet materials to your company in a flexible and responsive manner.

Why MindSet?

  • Proven: created by the founding CEO of one of the best places to work in the nation
  • Impactful: real-world insights and techniques that make a lasting difference
  • Acclaimed: 97% of our customers rate MindSet's training content as outstanding
  • Worth the Investment: your leaders will grow; your business will thrive
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Expand Your Leadership Knowledge