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Most of us have sat through Keynotes focused largely on the speaker, their accomplishments, and their business. At MindSet, we focus on attendees. Our goal is to engage the audience and provide them with information and insights that can propel them to greater success at work and in life.

We list a number of our favorite keynotes below, but with over 225 MindSets across 14 domains of content, we are able to tailor our keynotes for each audience and can address a wide range of topics related to leadership, culture, and building a dominantly successful business.

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen is the Founder of MindSet and an expert in leadership training and culture building. Holding a Ph.D. in psychology, Kim was the founder of QLI in Omaha, Nebraska, a 375-employee company that was five times recognized as the “#1 Best Place to Work.” Encouraged to do so by several top corporate leaders and business owners who were disenchanted with trendy leadership training programs and fascinated with what had been achieved at QLI, after serving 24-years as president and CEO, in 2011 Dr. Hoogeveen stepped down to focus full time on MindSet. 

An engaging and compelling speaker, Dr. Hoogeveen boils down his most poignant thinking and tips on being a great leader and/or building cultures to inspire audiences all over the world.

the founder

Why the Gap: The Culture you Want vs What you Have

This keynote highlights the difference between the culture an organization has and the culture they wish to have. Dr. Hoogeveen explains why this gap so often exists, how this gap inhibits an organization’s success, and how it can be closed. Dr. Hoogeveen first gave this keynote at a TedX Omaha event and was later invited to present at an exclusive global  leadership retreat in Rome

Brett Hoogeveen

brett speaking

Brett Hoogeveen is Co-Owner of MindSet LLC, where he works with a regional client base as coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker.  In his work with MindSet, Brett helps organizations and leaders attract, build, motivate, and retain great employees – showing that  better culture = better business!

Prior to his time at MindSet, Brett was trained as an engineer and then worked for a decade in healthcare.  Brett served on the executive leadership team at the nationally known specialized rehabilitation and care center (and perennial #1 Best Place to Work) QLI, where he oversaw national business development, insurance contracting, state and federal government relations, marketing, and media and public relations.

Culture : Why are we Making this so Hard?

Would anyone dispute that having a positive, energetic, prideful organizational culture is valuable? Does anyone dispute that culture is largely built (or destroyed) by leadership? Then let’s take a look at what some organizations are getting so wrong…and what others are getting so right!

Brett first gave this keynote at the Disrupt HR conference in Omaha.

Blake Hoogeveen

Blake Hoogeveen is a Co-Owner of MindSet.  Blake holds degrees in Actuarial Science and Finance from Drake University, and he takes the lead with MindSet’s assessment instruments (e.g,. Culture Survey) and business development/sales. Blake is also actively involved in MindSet consultation, leadership training, and coaching.

Blake has extensive work experience in the insurance and healthcare industries.  In addition to his responsibilities with MindSet, he is currently the Director of Development at QLI. Blake is active in the community, serving on the Greater Omaha Young Professionals Council, participating in Omaha Venture Group (a venture capital based giving circle via Omaha Community Foundation), and serving as an advisor to various nonprofits.

Blake is married (Sara) and has a daughter (Marian) and son (Henry), as well as a houseful of pets (two cats and a dog).

Negotiation Tactics: How you can earn $200K with only words

This keynote reveals different Negotiation Tactics that you can use personally and professional to increase your income, reduce your expenses, and live a better life. We cover a couple dozen of negotiation tactics, and it will offer value to someone who is new to the art of negotiation, as well as a seasoned veteran.  Blake first gave this address at the Young Professionals Summit, a signature event offered by the Greater Omaha Chamber.

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