What is MindSet?

MindSet is a massive collection of leadership development insights, tools, and techniques all created or assembled by MindSet founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, former CEO of QLI – Omaha, Nebraska’s only 5-time #1 Best Place to Work. MindSet provides leadership training and consulting services to help organizations achieve greater success.

The MindSet Team

We pride ourselves on our proprietary training materials, however it wouldn't succeed without amazing talents and teachers like these to deliver it.

Creating A Better Culture

The health and vitality of your work culture impacts your bottom line, and the dots are not all that hard to connect. A strong culture serves to attract and retain quality staff which will:

- Reduce staff turnover and increase retention efforts
- Improve the quality of your products and services
- Increase customer satisfaction in order to create raving fans
- Make you a recognized leader in your space with a solid reputation
- Achieve overall business success with growth opportunities

Bottom line: We help leaders build better cultures. That creates better businesses.

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What is A MindSet

The principles of MindSet are applied, functional, time-tested, and learnable; the leaders within your company who absorb them will possess an analytical structure that will allow them to better navigate through the myriad of complex social, emotional, financial, and strategic decisions that are necessary to move an enterprise toward greater success.

See Our MindSets in Action