Organizational Consulting

We help organizations build strong cultures and teams

Using our decades of experience in the C-Suite and building phenomenal cultures, we work with dozens of companies across industries consulting on:

Tools for Building Culture

We consult with teams and departments across an organization on how to build vibrant cultures. Those consulting areas include:
- Establish a vision of culture
- Clarifying organizational focus and direction
- Strategic planning for cultural health

Programs to Attract, Build, and Retain Talent

In addition to our leadership training programs, we help companies install programs to enhance their talent. Those programs include:
- Team assessment and development plans
- Staff development program formation
- Design and implementation of effective mentoring programs
- Talent identification

Processes to Motivate Talent

We work with Owners, Executive, and HR teams on how to create compensation and incentive programs that help motivate employees. Our areas of expertise include:
- Performance management and evaluation systems
- Compensation strategies
- Negotiation training and support
- Conflict analysis and resolution, including mediation
- Departmental image building

Executive Team Consultations

Led by Dr. Hoogeveen and based on his 20 years of experience as a CEO, we provide consultation on sensitive topics to owners, executives, and company boards. Those consultation topics include:
- Executive selection
- Executive retention incentives
- Board operations

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