MindSet in Action: Negotiation Tactics [Video]

Blake and Brett presented at the YP Summit recently on Negotiation Tactics, and their insights and techniques have already started being put to good use by the attendees. Here’s how you can view the full video!



Brett and I were pleased to present at the YPG summit this past week. We presented on negotiation tactics. The session went off really well, received some great feedback. We introduced a pretty big goal. We were trying to save about 400 attendees over $250 million over their lifetime. We’re off to a great start. People are already fallen up saying they’re saving money in their personal lives. One person saved some money on buying a house. Another person saved 90 bucks on buying a watch. And a third person said she got a free meal at a restaurant. You know, we’re not gonna track that full $250 million, but we’re running the calculations now and it’s off to a darn good start.