One Management Tip You Should NOT Follow [Video]

Managers from the 1950s got certain things about leadership right, but they got this one piece oh so wrong. For more on how successful leaders operate in the 21st century read how coaching and parenting are starting to go hand-in-hand. And, watch the video to know that management tips you should NOT be following.



I wonder if you’ve ever heard that it’s important that immediate supervisors not get too close to the people that they oversee, that they supervise? Well, if so, I hope you’ll forget it. And if you’ve never heard it, please don’t put that into your long term memory. You see, good companies not only tell supervisors that it’s OK, but it’s actually important that they form close personal relationships with those people they supervise. You see, great supervisors are committed to employee success both at work and in life.

And, the only way to reach that objective is to know who that person is at a personal level. It’s important we move out of the 1950s and 60s in terms of our leadership theory and understand what’s important in this century.