The Fight for the Silent Majority [Video]

Even the best leaders have tough times when a majority of their team are poor-performers. In this video Dr. H explains why this happens and how leaders can tilt the scales in their favor.



There’s often a battle going on right inside your workplace, and it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of the people in the middle. And here’s what I mean by that. Most work environments are populated by stars. Those people who who you say, thank God they work here. And you’ll also have, unfortunately, some people we call vacuums, people who suck the energy out of the room and say, thank God it’s Friday. And, you see, those stars and those vacuums, both have a tremendous impact on the people in the middle. Your stars will pull them up and your vacuums will drag them down.

That’s why it’s always a mistake to think about always treating everyone the same. No, what good leaders will do is constantly tilt the world in favor of their stars and away from their vacuums. And in fact, if you want to improve your culture quickly, usually the fastest way to get that done is by subtraction. Remove some of those vacuums, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make not only in the relief on your stars, but how your middle people will move up in the right direction.

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