Determination on Termination [Video]

Termination is one of the most serious things a company can do and should be done compassionately for the employee. However, Dr. H explains why you need to consider more than just the employee when making a determination on termination.



Mindsets 4th leadership principle is protecting the right of good staff to work with good staff. It’s an important part of how you go about building a protecting a great culture. And, sometimes that means we’re going to have to consider a termination. Now pretty well everyone knows that terminations are serious things. We’re talking about possibly taking away the livelihood of one of our employees with that action. Here’s where we think, however, the pendulum has at times swung too far.

You see, everyone sees the importance of focusing on fairness for the employee we’re considering terminating. The two groups sometimes we miss that we also have an ethical obligation to consider? Number one, the colleagues of that employees that are unfairly having to carry a disproportionate amount of the burden. The second group we should be considering is our customers. What impact is that poor performing employee having on our customers in terms of the products and services we should be delivering?

The goal is, if you’re in leadership to keep your eyes on all three of those considerations and make a determination on termination when and if the balance says we need to make a change. Join us at for more insights.