How Adversity can Help your Business [Video]

Every business faces adversity, and in this video Dr. Hoogeveen talks about how great leaders take advantage of these times to maximize their team’s and star employee’s growth.



Every football team looks great when you’re winning 42 to nothing. Here’s the truth: you don’t really know how good that team is until it’s challenged. In a work setting, everything looks great when things are going well. It’s a sunny day. Business is coming in. Profit looks great. People are getting good bonus checks. Every team looks good in that situation. We find out how good our team is when adversity strikes. There’s another insight, though, that I want to give you that is often missed by supervisors.

You’ll not only find out how good your team is when things go badly, but if you’re wise, as a supervisor in the middle of that stress, you want to look up and see who showed up. Who showed up with a helpful attitude when you needed them the most? Because what you’ve just identified are your potential stars. The people that you want to invest in terms of the future of your company, because they’re the kind of people that are the foundation for a great culture and a successful business.

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