Career Ladders: Keep Your Stars Players in the Game [Video]

Would you rather have Micheal Jordan on the sidelines as the coach or on the court as a player? Dr. H talks about how to keep your stars engaged when they’re best fit is on the front-lines and not in management, with the help of career ladders.



Sometimes when we start working with a new client and they have us take a look at their pay grade structure, what we find is a pretty complicated, convoluted mess. And, when we trace back how they got into that mess frequently, what has happened is they say, well, we had a really good employee and we wanted to keep them and pay them more so we created a new job title and we moved them up a pay grade. Let me give you an alternative to that, that MindSet finds to be very effective. And that is the creation of a career ladder.

Now, this is not creating a different job title. But it is allowing your best employees to have the opportunity to get a designation within a given pay grade that allows them to have more responsibility and to be more respected within their given work environment. A career ladder like so many other things in business, it isn’t just what you do, but how you develop the career ladder. This is one of our consulting services, and particularly for your hourly employees, we think a career ladder is a terrific addition to your compensation structure. We would love to talk to you about how to build one out that will really work and motivate your employees. Join us at for more leadership insights.