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MindSet was built on the foundation that an incredible culture is crucial to success as a business. Our foundation was laid by our Founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen, experience building QLI into a nationally renowned center of excellence for rehab. With this success being driven by a culture recognized Five-Times as “Best Place to Work” award in Omaha that was able to attract, build, motivate, and retain the talent necessary to create a successful and innovative organization. Driven by these experiences and the playbook for building phenomenal cultures, Dr. Hoogeveen has built a thriving business working with companies across industries and traveled the globe explaining the keys to building a fantastic culture.
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Our Services

The MindSet Process

We provide the companies with the process, insights, and techniques to build a successful culture. With this process there is a significant focus on the leaders in your company, because those leaders are the keys for creating or destroying a fantastic culture. Our process with a company is to:
1. Envisioning the culture the company leaders want.
2. Diagnosing the gaps between their current culture and the culture they want.
3. Conducting leadership training, consulting, or coaching to create the envisioned culture.
To get a preview of these steps, watch Dr. Hoogeveen's Ted Talk on the culture gap many companies have.

We help Envision the Culture

You can’t construct a building without envisioning the end result and creating the blueprints, and the same is true of your culture. Without envisioning the culture you are trying to create it will be nearly impossible to successful create that culture.

This is why our first step is to work with the companies leaders to envision the culture they want in their company and then build the plan to achieve that.

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We Diagnose Culture Gaps

Early identification can prevent chronic disease, making regular checkups a key to personal health. This is also true for the cultural health of your organization.

Knowing how your employees feel about their jobs, their colleagues, and their work environment helps you to fine-tune your organization’s leadership strategies and enable the successful creation of the culture you envision.

We Mold Managers into Leaders

Effective leaders are the backbones and conduit for making a phenomenal culture come to life.  To train these leaders our programs are jam-packed with practical and powerful leadership insights, with our trainees learning specifically what it is great leaders know…and how they think. ]

Having now run hundreds of Leadership Training Clinics and achieving a remarkable 97.6% “highly satisfied” rating from attendees, we are on to something here!

We Inspire Growth

We inspire growth with engaging and applicable keynotes. Unlike other keynotes, we focus on providing the audience with engaging and applicable insights that can be used to be more successful at work and in life.

To see the keynotes we commonly give and view our past keynotes click below:

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Our Insights

In our blog we discuss our thoughts building great cultures, finding and training leaders, and give our take on current or trending topics.
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