Why Humility Doesn’t Disqualify Potential Leaders [Video]

Sometimes great leaders are charismatic. But if you only see charisma, you are missing scores of terrific potential leaders. In this video, Dr. Hoogeveen digs into why humility doesn’t disqualify you from being a leader and, as a leader, why you shouldn’t overlook the humble.



One of the keys to creating and protecting a great work environment is to put the right people into supervisory roles. At MindSet, we work with our clients by giving them 20 predictive characteristics to help them identify supervisory potential. Today, I want to share just one insight with you off of those 20 predictive characteristics. Humility is not a necessary characteristic to be a good supervisor. But I don’t worry much that you’ll overlook those people that are a bit more arrogant, a little less humble. They’ll make sure that you see them.

No, the one you’re likely to overlook is that potentially terrific supervisor who’s genuinely humble. You see, these individuals tend to be lousy at self-promotion. They don’t like doing resumes. They don’t like going through interviews. And the truth is, the larger your company and organization, the more likely it is that you’re going to continue to promote those who are good at self-promotion and enjoy talking about how much they can contribute to the success of the company. And, the more likely you are to overlook that steely eyed young man or woman who is in the back of the room, who if you’re wise enough to walk back and say, “would you like to take the lead on this?”, would end up being a terrific leader for your company. Join us at gomindset.com for more leadership insights.