Why Fairness Matters as A Leader [Video]

Each employee is unique, so why treat them all the same? In this video Dr. Kim Hoogeveen takes a look at why great leaders use fairness and personalize their interactions for each employee based on their performance and needs. If you’re interested to learn more about what great leaders know and how they act, check out our leadership training programs.



Here’s a quick MindSet insight about leadership. If you are really determined to treat every employee equally, you’re doomed in terms of building stars within your system. Effective leaders have to have a deep commitment to treating everyone fairly. That is far different, folks, from treating everyone equally. If you’re going to be an effective leader, if you’re going to be an effective supervisor, every one of those people that walks in your door working for you every day is a unique individual. And they all require a unique response from a leader who’s genuinely committed to their success.