How to Build a Phenomenal Mentorship Program [Video]

Mentorship is vital for helping any talented employee grow into a true star. However, without a well structured mentorship program the odds of that mentorship being impactful for the company are low. Today we tap into MindSet’s experience building successful programs to cover the key pieces all companies need as well as common mistakes that are often made when building out these programs.



Over the past decade, I’ve spent a lot of time with young professionals and I’ve seen a lot of my friends get pretty darn excited when their company was going to launch a mentorship program, only to come back a year or two and see the same individuals tell me, “Yeah. You know, it’s fizzled out. We’re not really offering that mentorship program any longer.”. And I just want to share four quick tips that can lead to a really effective mentorship program.

Number one, get a profile of who’s ready to really benefit as a mentee. Make sure it’s an honor and select those people carefully. Number two, carefully select your mentors. Find people who are naturally skilled at teaching and really have a passion for coaching. Number three, process is really important here. If you haven’t considered the process, the structure of your mentoring program, you’re sure to not have an effective mentoring program. And four, actually consider offering some training to your mentors. This is really key. A lot of people are not natural teachers and coaches, and so many companies aren’t getting the ultimate bang for the buck that they could because they’re not offering training.

If you want to offer a mentoring program and be effective, consider reaching out to us at MindSet. This is a strength of ours. We’ve done a lot of consulting and a lot of coaching on how do you do this right.

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