Stupid Idea – Let’s Have Lunch [Video]

Conflict is crucial for a company to excel – but can hurt a culture. In this video we examine how to have positive conflict and provide one insight that is useful for encouraging the right kind of conflict in your culture.



With MindSet, we get to talk to a lot of different corporate clients. And one hot topic lately has been the topic of conflict. Now, the interesting thing is we’re seeing it from both sides. We have clients who are telling us, hey, we’ve got way too much conflict in our workplace and it’s damaging the relationships. There’s too much negativity in our workplace and we’re not able to work well as a team. At the same time, we’ve got other clients telling us we’re too nice. There’s not enough conflict in our workplace. People aren’t willing to advocate for their own positions and ideas, and it’s leading to apathy and a lack of innovation.

Mindset teaches one simple mindset that we think will help clients strike the right balance when it comes to conflict, and we call it “Stupid idea. Hey, let’s have lunch.”. What we mean by that is we want work groups to be able to say to one another. That’s a really dumb idea. And immediately follow that up by saying, but what are you doing for lunch?

We want to separate intellectual conflict from personal animosity. We want to encourage an environment where ideas collide, but people collaborate. If you’ll follow this one simple tip, you’ll be well on a path to a more productive and healthy mindset around conflict. For more ideas like this, follower us at