Don’t Just Acknowledge Mistakes – Fix Them! [Video]

All employees mess up from time to time; but when they do, great leaders don’t allow them to simply acknowledge mistakes. Instead, great leaders are wise enough to discuss with them how they’ll fix it.



Here’s a small tip when working with an employee who’s not meeting performance standards: when having that visit what will often happen is that the employee, at the end of the visit, will acknowledge, “Absolutely. I could have done better. I will in the future do better.”. And, they’ll stand up and start to leave your office. It’s at that point you need to ask them to hold up a minute. We haven’t talked about how you’re going to go back and fix the problem that your poor performance created.

You see, it’s critically important that when we have employees who let other employees down, that it not be just enough that they acknowledge the error. They need to go back, take accountability for the mistake, and make a public declaration that they intend to improve their performance in the future. It will do two great things for you. Number one, by publicly declaring their intent to improve, it will increase the likelihood that the employee will follow through with that effort. And number two, it will start to repair that employees reputation with their peers.

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