My Most Important Hire? A Terrific HR Leader [Video]

If Dr. Hoogeveen were to come back as a CEO, his first hire would be a terrific HR Executive.  In this video he explains why.



If I were to again take on the task of being a CEO and I could only make one hire that would help assure my success, I would choose to be able to hire my senior HR leader. The reason I mentioned that is because it is odd to us at MindSet how often we come into a situation where we find the senior HR leader not reporting to the CEO, but to some other individual within the executive team, often the CFO. You see, at the core today of building a successful business is that business’s ability to attract, build, motivate and retain phenomenal people. And one of the persons who should be right at the CEO’s right arm to make that happen everyday is the senior HR Director.

So one of the things we would recommend is have that senior HR leader report to the CEO. But there’s one other precondition that is necessary to make this really work, and that is that leader needs to understand how to build culture.