Focus on Recruiting not Interviewing [Video]

Rhetorical question: would you rather hire talent from a small pool or a big pool? Actual question: then why aren’t you making your pool bigger?!? In this video Dr. Hoogeveen takes a look at how focusing on recruiting is the key to finding more talented employees and making sure they join your company.

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Many of our clients tell us that one of their real priorities is attracting great talent. But here’s what we find when we go in and take a look at how they’re actually operating day to day. They’re still operating as if the key to getting great talent is the interview. What we try to get them to see is you need to move away from an orientation of interviewing to one of recruiting. Our goal should be every time someone considers coming in and working for our company, that is, they walk away from that interaction as they go back to the parking lot and get in their car. We want them to be thinking, “Please, please give me a chance to work for that organization.”. To get there, we have to stop interviewing and think about recruiting with every interaction.