Best Predictor of Getting a Great Supervisor [Video]

What’s the best predictor of getting a great supervisor? Unfortunately it’s not as scientific as you would hope. Watch to see Dr. Hoogeveen explain what the best predictor is, and importantly, how you can prevent this unfortunate pattern in your company.  If you are looking for assistance on identifying and/or equipping potential great supervisors to attract, build, motivate, and retain phenomenal employees in your organization then consider our Leadership Series (for experienced leaders) or Propel: Leadership Accelerator (for rising stars and front-line supervisors) programs this spring.



In many large organizations, and in quite a few smaller ones, do you know what the number one predictor of whether or not someone will have a terrific supervisor is? Unfortunately, it’s dumb luck. And that’s one of the big problems when you’re trying to build an effective culture. It shouldn’t be the case that people are promoted into supervisory roles because of either seniority or technical expertise. They should be promoted into supervisory roles because they have an ability to lead humans exceptionally well.

At MindSet we help our clients pick the right people to be promoted into supervisory roles, which is step one. Step two is then you need to train them well. Give them the tools to make the leadership principles that your company is committed to come to life for your employees. Visit us at for more insights and tips.