3 Steps for a Great Company Culture [Video]

Sometimes we make “company culture” more complicated than it needs to be. If you follow the 3 steps in this video, you can be virtually assured to have an impressive culture!  For more on evaluating where your culture is currently at, check out our MindSet Survey.



Sometimes I think we can make this leadership stuff more complicated than it need be. Let me lay out a really crisp, clean way to help you develop and protect a healthy culture. Number one: adopt, overtly adopt, core leadership principles we believe in MindSets’ Seven Principles of Leadership. Number two: identify the right people to put into supervisory roles. MindSet uses 21 predictive characteristics with our clients to make sure we’re finding those right individuals. Then number three: provide high quality training for those leaders so that they’re able to make those seven principles of leadership come to life every day and every interaction with your employees.

You get those three steps right and you are going to be leading a terrific company with a dynamic, healthy culture that leads to outstanding profitability. Join us at GoMindset.com for more leadership insights.