A Special Invitation to Nonprofits in Greater Omaha

Introducing MindSet's Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative

As an effort to give back to our community, MindSet is hopeful to be able to support eight or more nonprofits in Greater Omaha (and do so at a significant discount, ideally with support from philanthropy). Our goal will be to help participating nonprofits improve their ability to attract, build, motivate, and retain talent. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the capacity of each organization to advance its mission.

MindSet was developed and proven within QLI, an Omaha-based nonprofit that grew to become the largest center of its kind in the nation and get recognized five times as the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha. That led QLI’s Founder and 24-year CEO to transition and launch MindSet in response to business leaders who were asking for help with developing their leaders and creating a better work culture.

Since inception, the vast majority of MindSet clients have been for-profit companies. A big reason is money. For-profit companies have been able to more easily purchase our services than nonprofits, even with the discounted rates that MindSet has extended to nonprofits.

In 2020, MindSet launched a technology company called BetterCulture, which makes this nonprofit capacity building initiative possible. We are now able to scale our services and offer more cost-effective pricing.

What It Is

MindSet’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative is a powerful, exclusive way for nonprofits in Greater Omaha to develop their people and improve their work culture at a 67% discount.

Here is our vision:

  • MindSet will discount our services by 34%
  • MindSet and all participating nonprofits will ask a donor to consider funding half of the remaining 66%
  • That leaves 33% for each nonprofit to cover

How It Works

Nonprofits will be able to select from the following options (choosing as few as one option or as many as all of them):

Nonprofits who wish to participate must have between 15 and 750 employees. Cost will vary by the size of nonprofit and selection of services. However, a few examples include:

  • Even a 15-employee organization should be prepared to invest $2,500 (their cost after the 67% discount)
  • The cost for a 100-employee organization to participate in everything will be about $15,000 (discounted from full price of $45,250)
  • The cost for a 200-employee organization to participate in everything will be about $23,500 (discounted from full price of $70,750)

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