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Our curriculum is one of the most expansive collections of original thought in the leadership training and consulting industry. This thought leadership is brought from our Founder’s unique perspective as a trained psychologist and company executive for over 25 years – melding teachings of others with battle tested tactics.

These experiences and teachings have evolved into our MindSet curriculum, containing more than 225 individual MindSets across over 14 unique domains of leadership that truly sets MindSet apart. This groundbreaking curriculum has resonated with our customers, with consistently high marks.

Our Complete Curriculum:

The Power of Leadership

Leadership determines all that a company achieves, including the health of its culture.  Leaders can engender passion, loyalty, quality, and success; leaders can engender apathy, mistrust, carelessness, and failure.  Providing a foundation for the remainder of MindSet, this section explores the nature of leadership as well as some of the stressors and challenges it can produce.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

The Importance of Culture

Culture: The attitudinal and behavioral norms we hold for one another.

Every organization has a culture…the question is whether that culture will be allowed to evolve randomly or whether it is going to be systematically developed and maintained as a result of resolute, farsighted leadership.  This second of three fundamental sections focuses on why a healthy culture is vital to the success of any business and provides insights regarding some of the implicit leadership challenges that are involved.

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The Pursuit of Excellence

Many businesses claim excellence as their goal; few achieve it.  This fundamental section examines some of the attitudes and understandings that both enable and inhibit leaders in their quest for operational excellence.

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Selection: Get the Right People

She who has the best players wins the game.

All companies want to assemble a group of employees who combine great talent with outstanding character traits. The challenge is to accomplish that goal. This section reviews the insights and skill sets that enable leaders to assemble an exceptional staff and get them placed in roles where they can excel.

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Diagnostic Tools: What Makes Them Tick

The idiosyncratic nature of individuals makes both hiring and leading complex. Yet for those who possess practical insights into how a leader can use easy-to-remember classification systems to better understand and motivate each individual employee, the complexity of the situation is reduced.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

Building Stars

MindSet labels great employees as Stars: those individuals who constitute the most valuable HR assets a company can possess. On occasion, newly hired employees arrive at their company as a Star. More frequently, however, Stars are created by outstanding leaders who understand how to use their power and influence to develop an otherwise ordinary employee. The MindSets in this extensive section teach leaders how to accomplish this most exciting and rewarding aspect of leadership.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

Instilling Pride & Ownership

Great companies are populated by employees who have an intense sense of pride and ownership in their company.   Such employees will demonstrate loyalty, and both the quality and quantity of their work production will be outstanding.  This section reviews specific techniques that outstanding leaders use to infuse their staff with a deeper sense of personal investment.

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The fundamental nature of the relationship between an employer and employee is an exchange, i.e., the employee’s labor or expertise in return for monetary compensation from the employer.  The nature and format of this exchange is perhaps the most powerful tool an employer holds for the purpose of shaping employee behavior and attitude.  Given the central importance of this process, it is surprising how few leaders have an understanding of the principles of human motivation and the powerful impact that just a tad of insight and creativity, with respect to compensation, can engender.

The MindSets in this section provide both theory and concrete examples of different approaches to compensation that can powerfully impact employee satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the organization’s overall cultural health.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

Team Chemistry

Team chemistry refers to tone and tenor of the relationships that exist among the members of the staff who are engaged in the business process. It is the role of leadership to foster and protect good chemistry within significant workgroups in the organization. When the staff members of any organization are organized so that they may simultaneously work for the success of themselves, their company, and their coworkers, that company will likely produce great results.

The leadership challenge is that even the best teams or workgroups can periodically become dysfunctional for a variety of reasons, and they seldom right themselves without the intervention of competent and purposeful leadership. The MindSets in this section provide attendees with the insights to diagnose, and the techniques necessary to treat, lousy team chemistry.

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Decision Making

Although few things are more basic to the success of a business than responsive and capable decision making, many executives exhibit little understanding of the benefits that can accrue from the use of a better thought-out and more dynamic decision making process. The MindSets in this section reveal some of the key thought patterns and techniques used by exceptional leaders to involve and invest appropriate employees in the aggressive pursuit of first-rate conclusions.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

Mastering Conflict

Few leaders have the ability to effectively manage the wide range of conflict that typically confronts a responsible executive; for many, conflict is their single greatest source of stomach acid and professional disaffection. Most resort to their default approach (be it power, compromise, avoidance, litigation, collaboration, or capitulation), and occasionally make a mess of what could have otherwise been only a modestly unsettling situation.

A leader’s confidence in his or her ability to manage conflict must stem from knowing that they possess the knowledge, analytic ability, and accompanying skill sets that are necessary to deal successfully, and often proactively, with a wide variety of conflict situations. The MindSets in this section are designed to provide exactly that.

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Dealing with Problem Employees

Almost every company has a noticeable bottom 10% — those employees who contribute little to success while making life miserable for leaders and colleagues alike. To protect the culture of the company, and to further the company’s prospects for success, it is vital that leaders possess the knowledge and ability to identify, engage, control, improve, and (if necessary) remove these employees. The MindSets in this section review both the attitudes and techniques that outstanding leaders have shown to be effective in dealing with these potential cultural poisons.

Sampling of Topics Covered:

Making It Fun Again

This section presents the straightforward idea that employees will be more enthusiastic, loyal, and productive if allowed to work in an environment they enjoy.  The MindSets provide a few suggestions and insights as to how leaders can maintain a culture that is marked with energy, fun, and excitement.

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Management Tips

This “odds and ends” section is comprised of helpful understandings and techniques that will improve the general business practices of leaders.  The MindSets provide reminders on etiquette, speaking tips, ideas for personal motivation, and more…

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