How to Choose A Good Leader [Video]

Want to know how to choose a good leader? In the NFL no current head coach is in the Hall of Fame as a player, and very few even played games professionally. This philosophy of hiring coaches based on their coaching expertise, and not playing, is what MindSet advises our clients to follow. Learn more in this video from MindSet founder, Dr. Kim Hoogeveen.



One of the fastest ways to improve your company’s culture is to get the right people in the role of being a supervisor. Now, as simple as that may sound, what we find often when we start with a new client is for many years they’ve been promoting people into supervisory roles because of technical expertise or seniority. Now, sometimes they’re lucky enough to hit the right person, but often they don’t, because the correlation between technical expertise or seniority and the ability to lead humans is close to zero.

Here’s the exciting good news part that we see out of MindSet – many times the best potential supervisor is right there under our nose. What MindSet does with our clients is to help them get more clarity of thought as to what it is they’re looking for in terms of predictive traits that will help us identify those who have the potential to be a great supervisor. When you get the right front line supervisors, you’re one huge step toward having a fantastic culture.