How Leadership Philosophy and Productivity are Intertwined

Effective leaders recognize that leadership philosophy and organizational productivity are inextricably intertwined. Whenever we adjust or modify leadership practices, it is likely that organizational productivity will be impacted. Similarly, should we want to change the rate or quality of production, it will be achieved only with the active and systematic support of leadership philosophy.

When you hear an executive say something along the following lines: “I just take care of the books,” or “The budget is not my problem,” or “The sales force is not my responsibility,” you can be assured that you are listening to a more narrowly focused manager who has failed to grasp this vital MindSet. Great teams, and great companies, are populated by individuals who understand that they should take an active interest in both the challenges and opportunities that present themselves to other members of the team.

It is not enough for the right hand to simply know what the left hand is doing; each must make a contribution to the success of the other.