Leadership Skills: How Coaching and Parenting Go Hand-in-Hand

When looking to identify potential leaders, two important leadership skills revolve around coaching and parenting.  If you have someone within your organization who is a great coach and demonstrates exceptional parenting skills, they are likely to be a successful leader.

The coaching skills enable them to quickly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both their own team and the opponent, develop strategic (i.e., game) plans to be successful, organize training experiences, and deploy their employees in such a manner as to maximize the ability of each individual to contribute to the success of the whole.  The parenting skills come into play with the important time leaders spend working with individual employees.  Great parents are able to provide feedback in a caring manner while understanding when to provide appropriate doses of encouragement and discipline.  Great parents help to establish high personal standards of behavior, while building a rock-solid sense of pride and self-worth.

When supervisors employ good coaching and parenting skills, staff members recognize their supervisor’s aspiration and ability to help them be more successful.  The result is greater openness to feedback and guidance; the effect is significant professional, and often personal, employee growth.

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