Shonna Dorsey to lead MindSet Workshops

[Authored by: Blake Hoogeveen]

If you live in Greater Omaha, you may well know Shonna Dorsey.  For our readers who join us from outside Omaha, here’s a nice bio and background.

We are excited to announce that Shonna will be leading complimentary Saturday morning MindSet workshops in her role as an adjunct MindSet instructor.  I highly recommend these workshops for any leader who is looking to further develop their leadership skills, or for anyone who would like to sample MindSet.

I have been friends with Shonna for years, and I’m excited my recruitment efforts finally came to fruition several months ago.  There are so many reasons we’re enthused to have Shonna on our team.  She has an entrepreneurial spirit.  She is intelligent, generous, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  On top of all that, Shonna has started, led, and successfully sold a business.  Plus, she is a leader in tech talent, so she understands MindSet’s emphasis on the importance of recruiting and retaining talent.

I encourage you to ask Shonna why she decided to join the MindSet team, but here’s one quote from her:

“I completed the MindSet Leadership Series in the fall of 2018.  I left that training knowing that I am behind MindSet’s approach to leadership.  For anyone looking for proven insights, techniques, and tools to develop themselves as leader or to improve employee engagement in their organization, look to MindSet.  It is a resource I’m proud to recommend and be able to share through my role as an adjunct instructor.”

You can find Shonna Dorsey hosting a complimentary MindSet workshop from 9am-11am on select Saturdays.  For more information and to RSVP to reserve your seat in a workshop, click here.