Settling: the Easy Path

[Authored by: Brett Hoogeveen]

When it comes to your company’s culture, you really don’t have to settle.  Nope, you and your colleagues can create something extraordinary if you want to – but it will take clear vision, effort, and likely navigating through some conflict with those who will initially resist.  But your workplace can have an absolutely phenomenal culture – one that engenders envy from others who recognize the culture that you and your colleagues get to enjoy every day.

Now that sounds ambitious, and even a bit presumptuous, does it not?   And it is so much easier to just settle for “OK,” but if you strive for amazing, you will have to find the courage to go your own way: the path to amazing is almost always the one less traveled.

Just as great businesses differentiate themselves with their customers, great employers differentiate themselves with their employees.  Exceptional leaders want employees to both think and feel that they work for a remarkable company – one which is genuinely invested in each employee’s success at work and in life.  That phenomenal culture can be built and protected.  We don’t have to settle.  It is only a question of vision and will.

Where do you start?  Start with MindSet’s Seven Principles of Leadership.  If leaders can bring these seven straight-forward principles to life, they will be well on their way to an immodest culture (something worth bragging about!).

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