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Leadership Series Details


Tuesday, April 2nd (8:30am-5pm)
Wednesday, April 3rd (8:30am-5pm)



$2,750 per attendee

Who should attend?
Executives, Directors, and Key Decision-Makers

Real World Insights

MindSet and Howalt+McDowell are continuing our partnership to deliver innovative content for leadership training and culture building in Sioux Falls. After a packed room for our “Morning with MindSet” keynote, covering high level topics on leadership and culture, we are partnering to bring MindSet’s proven Leadership Series to Sioux Falls. In our Leadership Series we cover core leadership and culture insights including:

  • Employee Recruitment
  • Supervisor Selection
  • Building Stars
  • Instilling Pride
  • Managing Conflict
  • Decision Making and Innovation
  • Assessing Team Chemistry
  • Dealing with Problem Employees

Tested Techniques

In addition to learning scores of leadership insights, this MindSet Leadership Series will equip you with an array of more than 30 practical tools, instruments, and processes designed to allow you to make an impact on your organization. Here are just some of the tools you will acquire:
  • A screening tool for effective supervisor selection
  • A detailed outline for designing a mentorship program that will actually work
  • The MindSet Team Assessment tool: 15 measures that will give you a valid reading on the cultural health of any given workgroup
  • The blueprint for creating a dynamic career ladder program that will retain and motivate star employees
  • A step-by-step process supervisors can use to conduct difficult employee conferences
  • And much more…

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Why Should you Attend?

Morning with MindSet

Kira Kimball, Chief Innovation Officer at Howalt+McDowell, beginning “A Morning with MindSet”

Howalt+McDowell Endorsed

“MindSet is one of the premier leadership training and consultation companies in the nation, helping companies build cultures that attract, build, motivate, and retain great employees.  We are pleased to be bringing MindSet to Sioux Falls, and we hope you’ll consider joining us at Howalt+McDowell for what is sure to be an engaging and worthwhile leadership development opportunity.”

-Abbey Vanderwerf (Vice President, Employee Health & Benefits)

Demonstrated Results

MindSet is the intellectual capital responsible for creating one of the Best Places to Work in the United States, winning “#1 Best Place to Work” five-times in its metro area over a ten year span. Seeing these results, several top corporate leaders approached Dr. Hoogeveen about being able to use his applicable and clear insights that attract, build, motivate, and retain talent.

MindSet is highly respected in its home community of Omaha where the MindSet Leadership Series is jointly sponsored and actively promoted by both the Greater Omaha Chamber and the Human Resource Association of the Midlands.

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Feedback from Past Participants

The Data:

Past attendees rave about the MindSet Leadership Series.

We’ve shown a snippet of their feedback, but you can view all of the feedback here.

Think we have Innovative Leadership Insights
Think we have Outstanding Content
Would Recommend our Series to a Friend

The Stories:

MindSet's Leadership Series is beyond professional development here - these insights can add a new layer of brilliance to the way we manage and lead.
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David Brown
When it comes to leadership and how to build a great work culture, MindSet is a resource that I can unconditionally recommend. Their approach flat-out works.
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Susan Courtney
MindSet has a huge toolbox of content to create engaging programs that yield immediate results. I believe an investment in the Leadership Series will pay for itself many times over.
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Todd Darnold
MindSet is the one leadership training I have ever attended that had real value. MindSet did not just focus on management tricks to squeeze more out of your team, but on making me into a better person, and helping my team to be better people.
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Bradly Burgess
The MindSet approach is deeply embedded into our culture, and it is responsible for much of our growth, cultural health, and business success. I would strongly encourage any CEO or owner to get your executives and supervisors trained through the Leadership Series.
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Pat Kearns

Ready to Become a Better Leader?

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Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel your participation in a MindSet program, please provide notification to MindSet by either emailing us at or calling (402) 980-3344.  MindSet will provide a 100% refund (minus any non-refunded processing fees) for any cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the initial date of a MindSet program.  Participants who cancel less than 30 days prior to the start date of a MindSet program will be eligible for a 50% refund.  Once the initial MindSet program session has begun, no cancellation refunds will be provided.  Registration for MindSet programs is not transferable without MindSet approval.  Participants are responsible for making themselves available for each training session.  No refunds will be offered for sessions a participant misses or is unable to attend.