Holiday Reflections

I suspect, like me, you notice a different atmosphere in your community as you go about your daily activities as the holidays near.  It’s more than just the Christmas music in the background; there is an air of kindheartedness and common connection as we greet one another through gently floating snowflakes.

One of the reasons the Christmas season warmly resonates with so many of us is that it is not complicated.  It offers a message of hope and love and renewal that all of us can understand – and even the youngest among us can sense.

There is something here for us to learn about the power of keeping important things uncluttered by the noise of day-to-day living.  It reinforces our belief in the importance of MindSet’s Seven Principles of Leadership – the leadership framework that can generate a common set of leadership practices within an organization that build both the culture and people around us.

This is a picture of my grandson Jackson (my son Brett’s second child) taken a couple of years ago when he was just 8 months old.  I love it because you can see that although he obviously does not understand all the “important” business and life stuff we all deal with every day, he seems to be able to sense the beauty and wonder of the Christmas season.

Take time this holiday season to breathe a bit more deeply, and see if you can rediscover the wonder of Christmas – it’s still there if we take the time to find it.