Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!  There is a lot to get done, so let’s get going.  (When it comes to cultural health, patience is a highly overvalued trait!)

MindSet has an ambitious agenda for this year.  We plan to help our clients become truly exceptional – phenomenal actually – at creating workplace cultures that serve to attract top-notch talent, build the personal and professional success of every employee, motivate and empower staff members to excel, and retain those fantastic people.  We also want to continue to make life as miserable as possible for lousy supervisors…or perhaps we should just say we want to “encourage” them to get out of the business of leading humans.

We have some new features coming that we hope you will enjoy.  First, we will be more regularly posting quick leadership insights on our blog and e-newsletter.  We think you will find these MindSet FastBlasts to be valuable – they will be new insights for some and reminders for others.

We have also added a talented new player to the MindSet team, Andrew Prystai.  Andrew is taking the lead in getting MindSet ideas more widely disseminated via social media as well as in a relatively new format for MindSet: video!  We hope you will enjoy having us talk to you in person – well, sort of. ?

Three quick things for your consideration:

1) The next MindSet Leadership Series co-sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber and the Human Recourse Association of the Midlands (HRAM) will start April 4th.  Registration is now open and the last two sessions sold out, so we encourage you to get potential attendees signed up early.  Registration is here.

2) The MindSet Survey instrument continues to get rave reviews.  If you have used our instrument, we suggest you visit with Blake to get 2018 administration dates scheduled if you are due for a new survey.  For those of you who have not used the MindSet Survey, we would suggest you take a close look at what it can offer in terms of a thorough assessment of your culture and a great starting point for improvement.

3) Let us know if you are ready to bring the MindSet curriculum into your workplace via MindSet’s Infusion Program.  We are going to be training and certifying MindSet Coaches on two Infusion Programs this spring: How to Create Raving Fans and Followship – the Characteristics of Great Teams and Teammates.

Here’s to 2018.  Let’s get started!