Executive Coaching

Coaching provides individualized sessions that can be targeted to each executive’s specific challenges and opportunities.  When one tries to move from good to outstanding to incredible, a coach is often essential.  Often those who are the BEST (e.g., Pete Sampras and Yo-Yo Ma) have coaches – because they recognize the power of being challenged and spurred on to better performance.  There is a benefit for top executives to have a sounding board – one who does not have a dog in the hunt, but who has invested enough time to have an understanding of the company in which the executive is operating.  An effective executive coach will help with self-assessment, problem solving, brainstorming, and skill development.

Coaching for each client is individualized, and includes:  

•    An initial in-person meeting to set out the scope of work and mutual commitments
•    An individualized assessment based on MindSet’s Executive Leadership Model®
•    Interviews with select colleagues and/or direct reports (Optional)
•    Coaching sessions, in person or via telephone.
•    Unlimited e-mail support

Will coaching be effective?  It depends on three factors:

1) Is the Executive open to coaching?
2) Is the Coach credible to the Executive?
3) Can the two individuals establish an open and trusting rapport?

With three green lights, coaching can be a potent process; with any yellow lights, effectiveness will be reduced; and with even a single red light, little worthwhile will result.