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Conquering Thoughts

In this keynote, Dr. Hoogeveen will take attendees on a tour through the mind of successful leaders, highlighting a series of healthy thinking patterns (Conquering Thoughts) that allow great leaders to engender a healthy work culture and build a dominant business. For many of these healthy thinking patterns, there is an alternative thinking pattern that is unhealthy (a cognitive blunder), which Dr. H has seen scores of leaders struggle to overcome. These cognitive blunders force leaders to endure unnecessary personal stress, as well as wreak havoc on their businesses.

The first purpose of this keynote is to help attendees identify healthy mindsets that have proven to build dominant businesses, thereby empowering the attendees to utilize them in their daily lives. The second purpose is to help attendees identify whether they suffer from any cognitive blunders (most of us do…strength comes from identification of a blunder), help them clearly understand the negative consequences of such a mindset, and ultimately help them find a path to conquer each unhealthy mindset.

Dr. Hoogeveen’s background as a 20-year CEO and licensed psychologist make him uniquely qualified to deliver this presentation.

Seven Principles of Leadership

This keynote address highlights the unusual opportunity Dr. Kim Hoogeveen had over 25 years ago to interview a series of phenomenally successful business leaders. Combining the interview responses with his own insights from organizational psychology, Dr. Hoogeveen created a concentrated list of seven simple, but  powerful, principles which serve as the basis for all MindSet philosophy.

In this fast-moving keynote, Dr. Hoogeveen will introduce his potent Seven Principles of Leadership and provide actionable ideas to help attendees better emulate these principles in their daily actions.

For a Sample, View Dr. Hoogeveen's TED Talk

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