About MindSet

We help organizations and individuals achieve excellence.

"We build better culture. This creates better businesses."

Dr. Kim Hoogeveen / Founder
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Our focus is to help our clients, both companies and individuals, to achieve professional success and business dominance.
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We create one of a kind training and consultation programs designed to maximize client performance and achieve professional success.

About us

We create exclusive training programs and consulting services that maximize leadership ability and culture for businesses and individuals.  When this is achieved, as an individual or organization, it results in: competent and loyal staff members, better products or services, enthusiastic customers, a reputation for excellence, and our ultimate goal – business dominance.

The programs that we created have been over 20+ years in the making and is an innovative, engaging, and practical approach to leadership training. Our program isn’t just academic theory but, formed from years of front-line and executive level leadership experience.  These real-world experiences were instrumental in the development, refinement, and implementation of our 225+ MindSets we teach to our clients for use in real professional settings.

If you’re interested in using these programs, please contact us with any business inquiries.

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